Canadian Association for Photography & Photographic Art

If your interest is in black and white or colour, prints, slides, or digital imaging, CAPA's services can offer you much assistance and stimulation. Our organization is aimed at helping people improve their photography and digital photography. We also provide freelance photography job listings and reviews of the best camera lenses and gear. CAPA also works to promote photography as an art form.

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Now YOU can maximize your photographic potential - become a member of Canada's most prestigious photographic organization. CAPA is a Canadian-based forum for both amateur and professional photographers who wish to share their views, insights, insights, ideas and techniques. You grow as a photographer and discover the exciting and varied world of artistic images.

The Objects of CAPA:
To promote the art and science of photography in all its forms throughout Canada and the world, and to further public interest therein. To encourage and promote participation by its members in photographic exhibitions, circuits, competitions and like endeavors on regional, national and international levels. To promote the organization and encourage the affiliation of camera clubs, councils and similar groups.

We have an archive of photography tips and lighting equipment to help capture and share the beauty and inspiration in life and our world. Get the digital photography gear that you need plus see the photographer jobs and freelance projects to help earn some income.



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